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Company Profile

Emerate company is expert in Enterprise Health Management (EHM), and provides systematic and overall solutions for our clients in this field. While many other peers focus on the temporary performance of companies, we focus more on the healthiness and lifetime of our clients.

      Software Development: To help our client make more money, we provide intelligent software with the functions of enterprise health monitoring and early warning. The software was integrated with the concept of management, information analysis and big data mining, as well as the techniques of mobile internet and cloud computing. Tailored information system was designed and developed for our client, providing the management, especially the top management, with information to help them for decision, prediction, planning, diagnosis, analysis, evaluation and judgment.

     Management Consulting: The enterprise is viewed as a whole system. During the process of management consultation, we perform enterprise health examination and care regularly. We break the existing pattern of management consulting and changed the traditional way of consulting based on training. We focus on the technological innovation of management, and our health management service is based on industrial engineering (IE), including the theory and practice of classic IE as well as the application of modern IE theory, along with other management concepts. Provide consulting services from six aspects: Profit Doubling, Excellent Business, Industrial Engineering, Enterprise Modeling, Conpany Startup and Enterprise Diagnosis.